Drop In is a shared resource program that helps people find, drink, and share water.

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Find, drink, and share

Drop In is a shared resource program that helps you find, drink, and share water on the go.

What's a drop?

We define a drop as either a public drinking fountain or business partner such as a coffee shop or cafe where you can access free, clean, and local water.

Feel welcomed in our community

Our business partners expect you to Drop In at anytime during their business hours.

How do I fill up?

The majority of our partners have an easily accessible water container. If not, simply go up to the counter and say you’re a Drop In member.

Forgot your bottle?

No worries. In most cases, our local business partners leave out cups for our Drop In members.

Unable to find water near you?

Increase water access in your community by adding drinking fountains to our map with the "Add Drop" feature.

Learn more about how you can join the movement at becausewater.org

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